Eating out in Lake County- To Go and Outside!

By Amy McCrory July 13, 2020

I know everyone has their own comfort levels, but I wanted to share our favorite local places that we have ordered takeout or eaten outside. Some days... Momma just doesn't feel like cooking. 

  • Pizza
    • Mellow Mushroom is always a win! My kids love being outside on the back porch. Pizza and that beer cheese is our family go to. 
    • El Marie Pizzeria is yum!! Their Greek salad and a slice of pizza makes for the perfect lunch or dinner. 
  • Everything!
    • BTW all the way! We have eaten outside in many different locations: BTW, grass area across the street, and pavilion in the park. They also offer lots of awesome adult beverages nearby. 
    • Cousin Vinnie’s has been great for takeout too. They have such a variety to order from including their yummy wings. 
  • Seafood
    • TikiWest is amazing! We love everything we get there. Last time we went to eat there, we walked down by the water and watched a seaplane take off. My son said it was the best night ever! 
  • Mexican
    • Fiesta Grande to go has been a monthly thing for us since March! I think my kids’ favorite food is chips and dip. 😊
    • San Jose's is super yummy too. Large to go portions. 

Email us your favorite places for to go or eating outside!